Kodolányi János University (KJU)


????Congratulations to UNIP, the Universidad del Pacífico, and the Kodolányi János University (KJU) in Hungary for the establishment of a sister school~!!!

????The credits of Kodolányi János University are recognized in all European universities. This is also the main reason why Kodolányi János University attracts foreign students. Students who graduated from Kodolányi János University are widely recognized by EU countries. .

????In the Hungarian higher education system, the cooperative exchange colleges of Kodolányi János University cover 60 universities in 30 countries, providing students with abundant international exchange and learning opportunities.

????Nicaragua Universidad del Pacífico (UNIP) and Hungarian Kodolányi János University (KJU) are both internationally recognized overseas universities

????In order to enhance cooperation between the two parties, promote academic exchanges, and expand students’ international horizons, the two schools have signed a memorandum of cooperation

Official website of Kodolányi János University (KJU):https://www.kodolanyi.hu/en
The official website of Universidad del Pacífico:https://unip.edu.ni/

????The memorandum of cooperation contains:
1. Student exchange, resource sharing, mutual visits of professors, research projects
2. Academic research and internship program
3. Academic conference exchange and cooperation

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