About CAUC

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Founded in 1982, the Central America University Consortium has been in Taiwan for 40 years. It is the first educational institution in China to introduce courses from foreign schools.
In the early days, mainly handled the advanced training courses of the music department. In recent years, cooperated with many foreign universities to obtain authorization to develop multiple learning methods,
committed to giving students the best service.
So far, nearly a thousand students have completed their studies.
CAUC have obtained the admission qualifications authorized by each school in Taiwan, and the students can obtain admission permits after being reviewed by the school.
There is no need to go through cumbersome procedures such as English test and overseas submission of student data for review!
Let every friend who wants to study abroad easily prepare.
CAUC students come from all over the world, so in addition to learning professional knowledge, students communicate and discuss in English in class.
It also improves English skills invisibly, and has a deeper understanding of the culture of different countries,
It can also strengthen the development of personal international outlook. In addition to the accreditation of the CAUC cooperative schools,
It is also widely accepted by many schools around the world. Our alliance schools are all over the world,
therefore, we welcome international students who want to obtain a degree in the United States to join our learning environment,
Since we do not have to live on campus and have special requirements for class at a fixed location, it is an ideal choice for accomplishing your teaching goals.