Malaysia Asia Metropolitan University (AMU)


????Congratulations to UNIP and the Asia Metropolitan University (AMU) in Malaysia after sister school agreement!!!
????The double master degree and double doctorate degree are the first choice for those who aspire to obtain a higher education degree!!!

????Asia Metropolitan University (AMU) in Malaysia was established in 2004. It is a private university offering a wide range of degree programs, focusing on cultivating well-trained, qualified and competent graduates for various disciplines in the domestic and international markets.

????AMU students come from different cultures and backgrounds, and have a strong integration and international outlook. In addition to undergraduate studies, AMU also offers a wide range of master's and doctoral degree programs.

????Nicaragua Universidad del Pacífico (UNIP) and Asia Metropolitan University of Malaysia (AMU) are both internationally recognized overseas universities

????In order to enhance cooperation between the two parties, promote academic exchanges, and expand students’ international horizons, the two schools have signed a memorandum of cooperation and a double degree agreement

The official website of Asia City University:
The official website of Universidad del Pacífico:

????The memorandum of cooperation contains:
1. Student exchange, resource sharing, mutual visits of professors, research projects
2. Academic research and internship program
3. Academic conference exchange and cooperation

????The double degree agreement contains:
1. Double Master of Business Administration (College/University Diploma can be registered)
2. Double PhD in School of Management (Master's Diploma can be registered)

●For details and registration, please contact (CAUC) Central America University Consortium:
→TEL:04-2243 2228 Ext. 205
→LINE ID:0422432228
→Address: No. 64, Section 3, Dalian Road, Beitun District, Taichung City

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