Professional Pharmacist


🤩It is the medicine that heals the patient, the silently dedicated Cinderella👩‍⚕️
Silently dedicated to the "Department of Pharmacy"!
✔Glory under the white robe, let the CAUC professional team plan your study direction to become a professional pharmacist
Sign up for the Department of Pharmacy, University of the Pacific now, and realize your dream of being a pharmacist!
💊The duration of study is 5 years and a bachelor's degree is awarded;
💊Not limited to majors, high school and university graduates can apply;
💊Future prospects; serve as a hospital pharmacist, clinical pharmacist, community pharmacy pharmacist, clinic front pharmacist, school or clinical trial institution, pharmaceutical research and development department, pharmaceutical management, medical equipment.

🌟The professional pharmacist is you, welcome to consult us and we have a special person to serve you! (click to leave information)
TEL:04-2243 2228 Ext. 213 Bill / 212 Rita
ADD: No. 64, Section 3, Dalian Road, Beitun District, Taichung City

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